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Murree Tour Packages 2021 | Affordable Nathia Gali Trip

Murree Tours 2021 is the most popular these days as the summer trips begin to start. Murree, also known as "The Queen of Mountains," is located in the Galyat region and within the Rawalpindi District of Punjab, Pakistan. With an altitude of 2,291 meters,Murree is about 30KM from Islamabad Capital city. The national highway and motorway extension for Murree have made the trip from Islamabad to Murree smooth and comfortable. Murree Tours have always been cherishing and joyful amongst the travelers within Pakistan and the tourists visiting Pakistan. Why not? Murree is an exciting place to visit and has some of the most attractive tourist points like the famous mall road, Chairlifts, Pindi & Kashmir points.

Plan A Murree Tour 2021 With Pakistan Tours Online

Pakistan Tours Online is the leader in the tour industry in Pakistan. Like always, Pakistan tours Online offers Murree tour packages 2021 with the best tour services in Pakistan. We offer economy and luxury Murree tour packages 2021, including family tour Murree, couple tours Murree, and Murree group tours.

No Doubt Murree is one of the largest summer tourist resorts in Pakistan, which attracts many visitors. But before planning a trip to Murree, You need to study Our Murree Tour Guide before setting off for the Murree trip.

Murree is a very famous hill station in Punjab, Pakistan. It is one of the most renowned Tourist Destinations in Pakistan. Below is a guide before visiting the Beautiful Murree city.


The Best Murree Tourist Attractions

  • Best Modern Facilities

  • Romantic Hangouts

  • Cool Weather

Murree Trip Expenses are very much Affordable – Never Compromise on Standards.

Pakistan Tours Online offers the best and most affordable Murree Pakistan Tour packages. These Splendid Trips cover various areas of Murree region, such as Mall road, which is always populous with teenagers as its hub of activities in winters and summer season. Now enjoy the tour as Murree now has a Cineplex Cinema showcasing local and international movies.

Hence, Murree equips 3g and 4g internet connections. Most noteworthy, hotels are available to cater to all types of customers, whether it's luxury or essential

Our Tour Packages for Murree gives the following as a part of Luxury Trip to Murree:

  • Top Different Family Hotels, showing views of Murree even better with hot water available 24/7
  • The Excellent Restaurant inside the hotel with highly professional and cooperative staff.
  • We Provide New and Comfortable vehicles for Tours which are well maintained.
  • Most noteworthy, our cars are inspected each after an accomplished trip.
  • Our Best Murree Tour Guide staff is professional who guides our customers properly.

Most visited Tourist Points in Murree 2021

As described above, the tourists from all over Pakistan and abroad like to explore the whole Murree and also there are some points which got the unique attraction for the tourists visiting Murree. Here is the list of some famous tourist points in Murree.

  • Kashmir Point.
  • Pindi Point
  • Ayubia
  • Nathia Gali
  • Mall Road
  • New Murree
  • Bhurban
  • Patriata
  • Changla Galli
  • Donga Galli
  • Mukeshpuri

Finally, one of the most beautiful things for the tourists, especially children visiting Murree, is the chairlift. Murree has a couple of chairlifts that provide a breathtaking view of the Murree mountains and surrounding areas. Chairlifts are in Ayubia, Pindi point, and Patriata.


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