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Chitral Tours Packages 2021| Kalash Valley Tour | Affordable

Chitral is located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level, in the northern areas of Pakistan's KPK Province. It is accessible via the Lawari Tunnel, which connects the beautiful valley with the rest of KPK, while in its north, it is associated with Gilgit Baltistan via Shandoor Pass. The lush green valleys, high altitude mountains, and scenic glaciers, along with the region's rich culture, attract several tourists from across the country and globe every year.

One of Chitral's major attractions is the famous Kalash Valley, which attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe due to its unique culture and traditional values. The valley celebrates several festivals every year, which are a source of fascination and attraction. Famous festivals include Chilam Joshi, celebrated in the spring season; Choimus, winter seasons; and Uchitel is of summer festivals. To explore such a fantastic place, Pakistan Tours Online present the unique Chitral Valley tours in our Pakistan tour packages 2021.

Chitral Valley Weather

The weather in Chitral valley remains pleasant throughout the year, especially in spring and autumn. It receives snowfall in winters and covers every part with white color, whereas golden in the fall season.

Road condition to reach Chitral valley is not that good. However, In 2017 the government built Lowari Tunnel around 10 km long for travelers' ease as the lower pass is one of the most dangerous roads globally and is also closed in winters due to heavy snowfall. Therefore they built this tunnel for connection of Chitral valley with Pakistan.

The Reasons Why We Love Pakistan Tour?

Yes, we all people of Pakistan do love our Country, Pakistan. Pakistan is full of natural beauty. Pakistan is the most attractive place for tourists because the People of Pakistan welcome all the Tourists from all over the world. People love Pakistan Tour to see the real beauty with their own eyes. But for the easiness of our prestigious tourists, we are here to provide you the top services in all parts of Chital District.

Tirich Mir (Chitral) – Enjoy Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering

Most noteworthy is the Tirich Mir peak that is almost 7708m. The view of this prominent peak can see no matter what part you are staying in the valley. Moreover, it is the highest peak in all Hindu Kush Mountain Range.

The Reason Why Everyone Love Adventure Tours Pakistan

Above all, the whole Chitral Valley is a hub of:

  • Lush green Valleys.
  • Steep mountains.
  • Capturing meadows.
  • An immense glacier.

Chitral Valley Tour Attractions

Chitral valley has a lot of places for sightseeing, whether it is natural or cultural sites. Some of the best ones are:

  • Garam Chashma valley
  • Booni
  • Golen valley
  • Madaklasht valley
  • Arandu
  • Birir
  • Rumbur
  • Bumburat
  • Chitral Gol National Park
  • Garam Chashma

However, Chitral valley tours 2021 are also famous for their festivals. Therefore Pakistan tours Online provide mostly custom tour packages for Chitral valley tours. Nagar Fort Chitral holds a vital historical significance along with the other "Chitral Fort," "Mastuj Fort," and "Drasan Fort." Nagar Fort is preferable for the tourist as it surrounds by a swirling river from three sides. A majestic view while exploring the stories of history.

Kalash Chitral Trip Package Includes:

  • Dedicated Car with Dedicated Driver & Fuel
  • Jeep Ride to Kalash
  • Jeep Ride to Nagar Fort
  • Breakfast for Couple
  • Entry Ticket for Museum

Road Condition of Chitral

The Road to Chitral from Islamabad is in excellent condition and can access AH1/M-1 and N-45 in almost 10 hours' drive. Moreover, Chitral to Hunza distance cover in an 11 hours drive. Tourists love to visit the two different regions that hold majestic culture and history.

Chitral Flight Operations

Additionally, Chitral flight operations are conducted by Pakistan International Airlines daily, which covers the distance in 25 minutes.


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